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Miner’s Revenge


According to legend, a haunted mine was born out of greed and desperation in 1896. Over a century later, the miner’s revenge remains unfulfilled.

By no fault of their own, two brave and loyal miners were forever entombed deep underground in a cramped, dank space filled with little else but stale air. It began with a mine owner who constantly craved more gold.  Obsessed with digging for the gold, the owner forced his two best men to burrow deeper and deeper under ground. The solid bedrock underneath would only yield to blasts that had to grow larger and more powerful than the one before. The miners work was endless because the mine owner was certain they’d hit a new mother load with each passing blast. Digging down ever deeper made it ever more dangerous to get back above ground each day. Eventually, the poor miners were forced to stay under ground to live in a squalid camp, and were ordered to not resurface until they had the mother load of gold in tow.

Driven by his manic desire for gold, one fateful day, the mine owner delivered a massive load of explosives down the mine. He forced the men to use more TNT than they knew was safe. Sure enough, they died that day, blown to bits, leaving behind their tattered supplies and little else but their exhausted souls in the sealed mine shaft. Their souls remained restless, yearning to return above ground to reunite again with the loved ones who were so violently torn away on that horrible day. They remain trapped today, unaware their presence has turned their under ground home into a haunted mine forever.

You can hear their spirits desperately swing pick axes against the unforgiving rock. Slamming and clanging against dense, solid cave walls, the picks never make progress in their quest to break out. Their futile effort only fuels a burning desire  to settle the score and extract revenge on the mine owner. But their rage blinds them of their true target. So, anyone venturing into this haunted mine is subject to their wrath, and anyone who dares enter their captive space will surely confront these two unsettled souls and become unwitting victims of the miner’s revenge.