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Haunted House – The Victorian Mansion


This beautiful old estate from the past sits, rotting away. Once a glorious Victorian mansion full of life and laughter, it now rests solemnly in the dark shadows which only the most haunted house can cast.

Beware “The Madam” who was the original owner in 1883. Unable to ever say good-bye to her long lost loved ones, she somehow remains and lingers, anxiously and desperately awaiting guests.  Alas, she is not the only ghost that occupies this haunted house.

The second owners, General and Lady Hawthorn, and their son Timmy, are still here as well, but not in human form.  Timmy still thinks he is playing hide and seek, even though the youngster died accidentally a century ago. He refuses to stop darting about, lurking in nooks and cubby holes. The General bides his eternal time in his treasured library, deep in contemplative thought, obsessively reading passages on moldy pages in books…passages that haunt his memory of Timmy.  Lady Hawthorn does love to share a good cup of tea, though it tastes of stale, decayed dust, with a phantom friend. She simply refuses to accept that she is no longer of this world.

Patrick and Anne Murphy were the last owners of the once beautiful Victorian house.  Tragically, they also fell under the ominous curse gripping their haunted mansion. After only a month living in their seemingly charming old home, their 13 year old son Gabriel, a real jokester, very suddenly and mysteriously died. They say he choked on a mouthful of bubble gum, but Gabriel hated sweets. Someone, or some thing else forced him to stop breathing.  

Patrick and Anne could not accept his death. Patrick fell into a deep depression while Anne howled loudly and constantly in fitful mourning. Both parents’ state of mind grew worse with every passing day.  Three months to the day Gabriel died, a burglar entered the home and turned violent, murdering Patrick and Anne on the spot.

The burglar escaped in great haste, taking anything valuable he could carry on his way out, but he unknowingly left behind the most cherished item.  That item was poor young Sissy. She was spared by hiding under the bed, but left all alone.  Just 7 years old, she witnessed it all. Sissy somehow survived for a while, though she was twisted by confused rage and loneliness. She spent endless days roaming the halls, crying out for vengeance for her lost family. How long she survived is unknown. She missed her family terribly, but somehow found solace in a special connection she created with her long dead brother, Gabriel. How she summoned Gabriel’s spirit is her secret forever. It is said they both remain in this now God forsaken haunted manor, watching over and protecting each other from anyone who dares invade their family home.