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Casa Blood

Casa Blood Haunted House at Reign of Terror‘Casa Blood’ also known as House of Blood. That’s the only way to describe what Granny’s once cozy cottage home has become. Thanks to nothing less than murderous mayhem.

It all started on a typical October weekend. The whole family stopped by for one of Granny’s special Sunday dinners. But trouble had been brewing among the family members for a long time. This night, it created what can only be described as a Halloween horror night when the family went mad.

A force of unimaginable evil was somehow unleashed in the house that night. A bloodthirsty, sinister rage surfaced with speed and violence. No family member could escape this savage force and its vicious grip on their minds. Nothing was important to them in that moment, except for the sight, smell and taste of blood. Swift and brutal action is all the family could understand. And that action was acted out upon each other.

First, Granny’s daughter Alice shot cousin Ernie in the head. She thought he was stealing Granny’s social security checks. She hated him for that. Once the last drops of warm blood ran out of what was left of his split skull, she stuffed his blood soaked body into the fridge.

Then, it was Big Bobby’s turn. He was Granny’s beloved son. Down on his luck, he recently lost his job and family. Bobby needed desperately to move back home with Granny. But, Granny said “No, Sonny. Fend for yourself!” Bobby lost his mind with this news, quickly slitting Granny’s throat, and splattering her blood across the walls of the room.

Young Betsy, Alice’s 16 year old daughter, went completely insane as she witnessed the murders. Alice was suddenly overcome with guilt. Watching the family carnage unfold was more than she could handle. She quickly swallowed a fatal dose of poison by mixing it into her food.

Big Bobby’s son, once one of the ‘good boys’, suddenly morphed into a most rotten apple. He gleefully watched how his father dispatched of Granny and reveled in the trails of her blood running along the floor. He instantly became obsessed with gore and guts. Now he spends all his time acting out in the sickest of ways!

Come meet Granny and her family. They are still in Casa Blood and can’t wait for you to share in their blood soaked scenes of carnage. Scenes that will forever haunt your warmest family memories!